Growing MarijuanaGrowing marijuana, though not legal in the US, is a favorite past time of amateur horticulturist and basement-bound teenagers across the country.Growing marijuana has people running to get the best dirt, the highest quality marijuana seeds, and the most natural light sources they can find.

The process of growing marijuana is pretty straight forward.Because growing marijuana is not legal, many choose to grow their marijuana inside, away from the watchful eye of police and DEA agents.Growing marijuana indoors also allows you to control the environment and get a more predictable plant with better stems and leaves.

The first thing you need is soil.That is, unless you plan to grow your marijuana using hydroponics, a method of growing marijuana in water instead of soil.For those choosing to grow their marijuana in soil, a mix of potting soil and Perlite is best.

After selecting your soil and putting it in pots raised up for proper drainage, you will need a good light source for growing marijuana.The best is a 600-watt high pressure sodium lamp.Put the light source on a high-power 24-hour timer, and run an oscillating fan as your light source will get very hot and you need to keep your light source cool for safety reasons.

After you have the light straightened out, the next thing you’ll need for growing marijuana is seeds.High quality feminized seeds are available in hundreds of varieties.Each one will produce a different type of marijuana, and many have specific growing requirements.Which seeds you choose is one of the most important choices in growing marijuana.The seeds are everything.

Also helpful in growing your own marijuana, besides good soil, a high-power light source, and the best seeds you can buy, would be a pH testing kit, a pH adjuster like phosphoric acid to keep your water at 6.0 ““ 7.0, nutrients and fertilizer, and white paper or plastic to go around the growing area.These will help your marijuana plant grow strong stems to support all the leaves.

Finally, plant your marijuana seeds in the soil.Keep the light on a timer, and give your growing marijuana plant plenty of water and light, and watch the beautiful marijuana leaves sprout on thick robust stems.And all this grows from the little marijuana seed you planted.

Remember though, growing marijuana is still not legal in the US.