As with many things, the state of California is at the forefront of the legal marijuana debate as well.

Marijuana is an illegal drug in all 50 states in accordance with federal law.However, several states in the US have passed laws allowing the legal use of small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes within that state.Marijuana is still an illegal drug, but it is allowed under certain circumstances.Thirteen other states in the US have made medical marijuana legal within their borders.Those states include: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.But leading the way in legal medical marijuana has always been California.

Medical marijuana is also legal in several European countries and Canada.Marijuana is illegal in Mexico.Mexico is where a large portion of the marijuana that enters the states illegally comes from.

While the debate about legal marijuana in California and the other 49 states rages on, there is one Netherlands city where marijuana has been completely legalized.That capital city supporting legal marijuana is of course, Amsterdam.Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands.The laws in Amsterdam support legal marijuana.Marijuana can be legally purchased and consumed in what have become known as coffee houses, which sell legal soft drugs to patrons for legal consumption.Amsterdam is a one-of-a kind location and every year millions of marijuana enthusiasts make this marijuana smoker’s paradise their vacation location to enjoy legal marijuana.

There are few if any other locations around the world that enjoy such freedom in the legal enjoyment of marijuana.Outside of medical marijuana, pot is still not legal in the United States or Canada, despite the best efforts of many that are fighting for legal marijuana in the States.

Mexico is still a good location to find illegal marijuana, though recent efforts in the War on Drugs on both sides of the border and in California may see this location’s supply of marijuana dry up soon.