Smoking MarijuanaSmoking marijuana is many people’s favorite past time.Whether they are smoking a joint, a bowl, or from a bong, pot is a drug that many feel should be made legal.

Many people argue that smoking legal marijuana would help cut back on crime in the US.If it wasn’t illegal to smoke marijuana, less criminal justice resources would have to be used to combat the War on Drugs.Also, people who chose to enjoy smoking pot would not be tying up the court systems and the jails.

Those same people argue that smoking a joint or smoking a bowl of legal marijuana would not be hurting anyone.In fact, smoking a marijuana joint has many proven medical benefits.

On college campuses often you can find students enjoying themselves, smoking pot from a bowl, which is another word for a pipe.Smoking marijuana from a bong is another way to enjoy the drug.Many students never quit smoking marijuana from a bowl.

Just look at the recent photos that surfaced of Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps smoking marijuana from a bong.Along with the photos of Michael Phelps smoking pot from a bong, the debate for legal marijuana was brought to the surface again as well.

Many however feel that smoking marijuana in any way, whether from a joint, a bowl, or in a bong is morally reprehensible, and want any pot smokers to quit.

If you are currently smoking marijuana joints and would like to quit, there are several resources available to help marijuana smokers quit.Some tips to help you quit smoking marijuana include:
– Avoid circumstances and situations that lead you to smoke marijuana.
– When you desire marijuana, take legal herbal supplements instead.
– Remove all products that remind you of smoking marijuana, including cigarettes, joints, bongs, bowls, pipes, and hookahs.
– Think about the ill effects of smoking marijuana each time you want to indulge.
– Seek medical help and ask about legal alternatives to smoking marijuana.